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GoZones T&C's

Conditions of Use

McGill's GoZones tickets and passengers are subject to the McGill's Conditions of Carriage, plus the following:

1. A GoZone ticket consists of a self-laminated card containing a machine issues ticket that shows the price and route validity. A GoZone ticket is only valid once it is sealed into one of our GoZone wallets.

2. All adult and student GoZone tickets are valid until midnight on the expiry date, as detailed in your ticket. All child GoZone tickets are valid for unlimited travel until 7pm each day, for the duration of the ticket.

3. All student GoZone ticket holders must show a valid student card at the request of any representative of McGill's. Passengers unable to present their student card will be required to purchase a ticket for their journey.

4. This ticket remains the property of McGill's Bus Service LTD and must be produced for inspection on boarding any vehicle or at the request of any representative of the company or its agents.

5. Passengers using a McGill's GoZone ticket or other McGill's ticket have priority boarding over all other travel cards. The holder is however not bound or entitled to travel on any particular bus or journey, and McGill's Buses will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered as a result of the inability to travel.

6. This ticket will be forfeited without compensation if it is used for a journey, or on a route, on which it is not valid, or if it is damaged, defaced, mutilated or illegible. We will prosecute anyont caught travelling with an altered, fake or out-of-date ticket.

7. No refund is available on this ticket.


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