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Back to School with McGill's

Fantastic back to school fares with McGill's

Kids can get to and from school for as little as 80p per day with McGill's GoZone tickets! The tickets offer unlimited travel after school too - great for meeting up with friends or getting to and from any after school clubs. Buy a weekly, 4-weekly or ten weekly ticket, and you can use the ticket all weekend too!

With 9 GoZones to choose from, we'll definitely have one that is right for you! Check out our GoZone fares info below:

You can also view our GoZone map below:

Click on GoZone Map to see Full Size.
School Support Staff

Do you have to organise travel for students who perhaps attend a local college on day release?

McGill's offers books of pre-paid child day tickets which can be purchased in advance and used as and when you need them. Simply hand the voucher to the pupil who exchanges it on the bus for a day ticket. No money needs to change hands and the ticket is valid for unlimited travel for the day!

If you'd like more information, email our customer services team today!


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