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McGill's aims for the full set!

We have added to our existing Omnibus products, below is featured article from OmniNEWS:

"McGill's is Scotland's largest independent operator. It is an ambitious company and continues to grow at a rapid pace. With this in mind, the company recently took the decision to add to its existing Omnibus products of OmniTIMES, OmniBASE, and Crewplan with the purchase of OmniMAP and OmniSTOP.

Tom Cairns, Commercial Manager for McGill's explains: "Our software needed to keep pace with our expansion, as we simply needed more help with things like mapping. We currently have one person managing our mapping function and adding OmniMAP will really help them."

Like many independent operators, the company had previously been using Excel for systems such as bus stop displays. In order to improve and support the way the company promotes its services, McGill's has now added OmniSTOP.

Because McGill's now has a range of Omnibus solutions, the company has also added the file management system OmniMAN to centralise all programs and automatically back up critical data. Tom explains it's need: "We operate from several locations and many people need access to our operational data, so OmniMAN will simplify access to our information across all sites."

McGill's has used Omnibus software for many years and, as Tom explains, when considering new software it was an obvious choice to stick with Omnibus: "The Omnibus team is fantastic to work with. You can call them up and get instant help with anything - nothing is too trivial for them to deal with."

As McGill's continues to grow, Tom is already looking ahead. He is currently considering adding two more Omnibus products, OmniDAS for driver and vehicle allocation and OmniROTA to improve role efficiencies, which will mean that McGill's has the complete Omnibus suite of products,

"We currently use Excel for our depot allocation, which leaves a lot open to interpretation. I had used OmniDAS in a previous role and found it to be a useful tool. It leaves no grey areas, so it's ideal for us." concludes Tom."


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